From the producer of the TV show Reversed seen on Discovery Networks, and Eight Days, comes PLUS SIZED TV. Plus Side TV is the first ever weekly one hour talk show that will air on a major cable network with the focus on plus size people. We like to say, “Embrace yourself with plus size living,Plus size dreams and Plus size goals” With millions of Americans that are plus size and living their best life we have created a platform to address everything from relationships, health, fashion, fitness and much more. 


Hosted by top names in Entertainment, the show will be a dose of the Ellen meets The VIEW. Plus Side TV will feature cooking segments, fitness segments, healthy talk between the host and guest. Discussions with veteran guest and young millennial co-host allowing for deep discussions on various topics of today. The show will also feature those living their best life being plus sized. We will feature plus size designers to everyday people doing uplifting things. 


Celebrity Guests and Young Millennial's. The show will be shooting in Miami which is centrally located to scores of top names in music, film, sports and fitness. Allowing the show to bring in some of the biggest and best names in these areas. Adding big names is always a draw to a show that can reach the millions in America that are plus sized, and those who want to see an entertaining as well as educational show. 


Comic legend & co-host 'Hope Flood' an actress and executive, known for the film Baby Boy. Hope has worked with the who's who of comedy from Jamie Fox, Kevin Hart, DL Hughley and scores more. Hope brings a demographic that is very powerful in the plus size and curvy community as she's living as one herself. Hope also brings some of her 'A' list friends as guest's in comedy and entertainment.

Model, Actress, Advocate & co-host  'Lornalitz Baez', is a well known International Curve Model for top brands such as Torrid, Fabletics, Target,  SavageXFenty, among many others. Lornalitz is an advocate for Diversity in size inclusivity and multicultural, race, age, gender equality within the Entertainment industry. Lornalitz brings a fresh face and perspective to Plus Size TV. She is a powerful role model for the Millennial's and young adults. With a masters in business and her passion for the plus size community, she will be a welcomed co-host on the panel.

Kelvin Davis, co-host, from Columbia, SC. I started his hugely popular Notoriously Dapper blog after a bad shopping experience and has vowed never to be ashamed of he size or body again. His daily style guides inspire men all over the world to stay body positive and fashion forward. Notoriously Dapper is not just a model and Instagram influencer but also a published author. His book about Notoriously Dapper: How to be A Modern Gentleman with Manners, Style and Body Confidence is the ultimate guide on how to become the whole package and was nominated for NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work. Kelvin has been featured in BuzzFeed, Huffington Post and The New York Times and has modeled/worked with brands including Toyota, JCPenney and Target. And most recently on the national DXL campaign with David Ortiz & DJ Khaled and GAP campaign.

Lauren A. Koenig, Go big or go home has not only been a motto but a lifestyle for Lauren A. Koenig - a former internationally represented plus model, born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. Her appreciation for the arts spawned as a young girl and she credits her creative mind, a keen eye for design, and unapologetic zest to her artistic upbringing. She is a self-proclaimed citizen of the world and believes to truly understand someone you have to know where they come from. Her curiosity, time modeling, and passion for travel have taught her how to fully embrace the world around her. Her experiences led her to become the CEO and Co-Founder of TWIP—Travel With Interesting People, and is now one of the emerging female stars of the travel-technology industry and an expert in the field of travel behavior. Her unique experiences have allowed her to captivate global audiences throughout numerous conferences and retreats, as well as exclusive features on FOX and CBS.